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Ryan Gosling is Totally Being Typecast as a Badass

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Poor Ryan Gosling, forced to play yet another bank robbing, fast-driving, badass.If the trailer for the upcoming “dark crime drama thriller” called The Place Beyond the Pines is any indication, it looks like Ryan Gosling will be returning to the silver screen with a role that looks strangely like a reprise of the Driver from Drive. You know the role, that meditative, handsome, talented-badass-type-dude who drives really fast, robs banks and hangs around with really good looking women and is adored generally by kids.

It’s almost like he’s carved out a cinematic niche typically reserved for roguish heartthrobs that no one else has been willing to, or able to, fill since James Dean died and Leonardo DiCaprio stopped giving a shit. Nicholas Cage might still think he’s the bees knees, but after watching Season of the Witch, no one cares any more. I suppose the producers might have tried giving the role to Bradley Cooper, but apparently decided to go all-in and also cast him in The Place Beyond the Pines playing one of those quiet, sad-eyed playing opposite our man Gosling. You can’t help but wonder if they might be trying to capitalize on something here.

ryan gosling badass

Though, really, if an actor’s gonna get typecast, being typecast as a badass is hardly the end of the world. William Shatner certainly capitalized on mojo that for most (if not all) of his movie and television career (sure, we’ll even give him Denny Crane and Kingdom of the Spiders). It certainly one-ups other familiar typecasts, including Helena Bonham Carter as a drug addict, Ray Liotta as a piece of trash and Kris Kristofferson as a stinking drunk that you just want to go up and hug. This is, after all, the same guy who starred in that movie about that guy falling in love with that inflatable doll. Now that would have been a curious niche to dominate.

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