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Movie Drinking Games | Archer the Television Series

Okay, it’s a television show and not a movie, so go fuck yourself. I’m too lazy to make a new category for tv-drinking games so I just lumped this one in with the rest.

Regardless, the fact that there are more than a few seasons of Archer means that these drinking games are gonna be one hell of a bing-aholic’s nightmare.

So, ready to find out what it’s like when you drink scotch all day and skip out on lunch?

  • Drink any time someone is holding a drink and you are not
  • Drink any time someone refers to Burt Reynolds
  • Drink any time Krieger gets an erection
  • Finish your drink any time archer throws someone’s clothes off his balcony
  • If you are watching season 1 Finish your drink any time “Danger Zone!”

This one’s a real danger if you happen to hang out with people who regularly watch the show.

The last time I played the Archer drinking game, I remember downing margaritas like they were water and I was a fat guy lost in the desert. The next thing I knew I was back at my apartment passed out on my kitchen floor with an empty jar of pickles lying on the floor suspiciously next to me and a lime-green tinted hangover ringing in my ears.

And don’t forget that the ground rules still apply! This is how you get ants!

the ground rules

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